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The setup wizard tells me my config.php is not writable. What can I do?

Well, obviously, it is a good idea to check if the file and directory has the proper permissions. If it has, this is probably a SeLinux issue. With SeLinux, the web server can be denied any file write access at all (to the best of my knowledge, this is the case by default on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora). While this is a useful default, it prevents the phpLogCon Wizwar from succeeding.

You can circumvent this problem by granting write permissions to the web server. I have heared this can be done as follows:

chcon -h -t httpd_sys_script_rw_t /home/www/phplogcon/

Be sure to change it back when no longer needed. I also suggest to check the WebServer/SeLinux documentation for more details.