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The rsyslog wiki

This wiki is currently being setup. It is somewhat experimental. It aims at providing a place for the community to share thoughts, tips and other user-contributed things about rsyslog.

There currently is no fixed structure for this wiki. We invite the community to help create one, simply done by adding content. So far, I think the following categories may be useful:

Please note that the official documentation will stay at and be maintained by the project admins only. This is so that we can ensure that each release of rsyslog receives its own correct set of documentation, which is accessible even after years. This wiki here concentrates more on the most current devel relases (except, of course, where otherwise noted).

We appreciate any help and contribution in the wiki.

For the time being, we also provide the user documentation for version 2 of LogAnalyzer via the wiki. This, too, is a bit experimental. We think it is a good idea to provide an easy way for collaboration on the doc pages as long as the project is undergoing rapid change. In the long term, we will pull out version-specfic doc versions and provide them in the main tarball.

Rainer Gerhards