Installation of Apache and PHP5 in Fedora 9

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To install phpLogCon you will need:

  • Apache (or IIS Webserver)
  • PHP5

The easiest way to look for it is the packagekit manager. There you can search for these two packages. In your search results you will also see, if Apache or PHP5 are already installed.
If Apache and PHP5 are already installed, you can continue your installation without the following step, otherwise select Apache/PHP5 and let the manager add it to your system. The manager will now download the packages and install them. As default you don't have to configure anything.
To test if the Apache-installation was correct type localhost in your webbrowser. As result you should see the apache-welcome-page. On this page you will also find the default webserver-folder, which you will need for your phpLogCon installation. If not, you should check in your services, if Apache (or httpd, as it's called in Fedora) is enabled and started.

The second test should be, if your PHP5 was installed correctly. Therefor we create a short .php-file (vi test.php) in the default webserver-folder (in my case: /var/www/html)

echo 'testpage';

Now type localhost\test.php in your webbrowser. If PHP is installed correctly you should see testpage, but not the code, in you browser. If you see the complete php-code you should check your config.

So, if everything works as it should work you can go on with your installation.