How to to use convert.php to install the Userdb-System in an existing LogAnalyzer installation

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phpLogCon allows you to update your existing plain file based installation into a full LogAnalyzer installation including the UserDB-System feature. The UserDB-System allows you to fully control LogAnalyzer using an admin interface.

1. Locate the config.php in your LogAnalyzer directory, and open the file in your favourite editor.

2. Search for the text "UserDB options", and you will the begin of the UserDB related options. In order to enable the convert.php to work later, you have to set all options and verify them manually. Additionally you need to add a variable which allows the convert.php to work. This variable is another security check to avoid, that the convert.php is abused by third parties. So locate the UserDB options and change them to something like this:

     $CFG['UserDBEnabled'] = true;
     $CFG['UserDBServer'] = "localhost";
     $CFG['UserDBPort'] = 3306;
     $CFG['UserDBName'] = "phplogcon"; 
     $CFG['UserDBPref'] = "logcon_"; 
     $CFG['UserDBUser'] = "user";
     $CFG['UserDBPass'] = "password";
     $CFG['UserDBLoginRequired'] = false;
     $CFG['UserDBConvertAllowed'] = true;

3. Now access the convert.php using your webbrowser and follow the steps. If there is anything wrong with the UserDB access, you will a detailed error description.

4. When you finished the conversion, make sure to remove the line "$CFG['UserDBConvertAllowed'] = true;" from your config.php! Otherwise, others would be able to overwrite your UserDB!

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